Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009 Pics

Here are a few pictures from Christmas!

Christmas Part 1

We celebrated Christmas over a 2 week span, us Crakers like to celebrate things for as long as possible. For example, my birthday is on March 29th and I start celebrating on March 1. Cameron thinks that he and Ella are shortchanged because theirs is on the 2nd of July and the 6th of August. Oh well, sorry guys! We had a wonderful Christmas. Ella didn't understand the whole "Santa" concept but I know that next year will be a different story. I think it will anyway... There were a few things she did get:

1. There is that there is a big beautiful tree and I am not allowed to touch it.
2. Wrapped up boxes and pretty bags are made for Ella to destroy.
3. There are some strange sock looking things and everytime I go near them, mom tells me no.
4. Santa is a scary, scary man....
5. Christmas music is fun to dance to.

We started the Christmas season out with Mimi, Uncle Dave, and Aunt Liz coming over the weekend before. We had a delicious meal (At least I thought so) and had some fun family time. We don't get to see Liz and Dave much and it was so nice....they even spent the night!

Santa came to our house early due to traveling. I wasn't about to load up her things and take to Aliceville. There was plenty enough to load and I didn't feel like getting a UHaul.

We stayed in Aliceville for a few days and had a lovely time at the Riverhouse with the Whitley's, then JeJe and Pops' on Christmas Morning, and then the McBride get together on Saturday night. I almost forgot to mention the fact that we ended up in the ER Christmas night with a sick baby. To make a long story short, she had the flu....her fever broke a few hours later and she hasn't slowed down! PTL!

I hate to say it but I am glad that Christmas is over. It is my most favorite holiday and I can't wait for it every year, but as soon as it turns midnight on Christmas I am ready for all decorations to be down and things back to normal.

Santa only forgot one thing: an additional room for all of Ella's presents! 2009 has come and gone and the Craker Trio is looking forward to a new year full of memories and fun! God has truly blessed us in so many ways and for that we are THANKFUL!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ella loves the Christmas tree! She has actually done much better than I expected she would. She loves going up to it and pointing at the ornaments. She thinks they are beautiful. If the tree isn't on she will grunt and point until we turn it on! We are looking forward to Christmas with her this year!

Roll Tide Roll!

With Conner after a long night of fun....
Ella found her daddy's glove and was amazed

Ella and Emme playing...

Getting ready for the backyard bash

We had a get together for the SEC Championship.....Ella is happy to say, ROLL TIDE!" Well maybe not say it, but she will definitely throw her hands above her head when she hears it!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree.....

Ella has her very own tree in her room....she loves it! Her favorite thing to do is take the ornaments she can reach off, put them in a bag, and walk around like she has just been shopping. She is so funny... Here are a few pictures!

Cowgirl Ella

We went to Foster's 3rd Birthday Party on Saturday. It seems like yesterday the little guy was born and now he is 3! Where does time go? He had a Cowboy themed party. I was unsure of how Ella would feel about horses and such....SHE LOVED THEM! We pulled up and she was breaking her neck to see what was going on. She immediately started squealing and clapping. She loved it! David held her and the rode a bit. She had a great time! I think all the kids did!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful trip to Pickens County for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day we went out to the cabin and had a delicious meal. It was wonderful to be with family and think about all of our blessings. We are truly blessed! Ella had a wonderful time and of course got lots of love from everyone! I love the holidays! We are looking forward to the holiday season.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun Day with cousins....

We had a lovely visit with Lee, Suzanne, and Natalie a few weekends ago. We miss them and don't get to see them near enough...The girls had fun together but not as much as their daddies!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was a little unsure about Ella's Halloween costume since she cried hysterically everytime she saw it before Halloween. However for some reason when it came time to get dressed for our little get together at our house she overcame her fear of the flower. Tatelyn was getting dressed at the same time and she was not happy about it all, so maybe Ella was distracted. So, here are some pics of the cutest flower ever. We had some friends over and ate chili dogs and hung out! We decided it would be a new tradtion! The kids had a great time and so did the parents! I think Ella's favorite part of the night was when trick-or-treaters came to our door and rang the doorbell. She would run to the door, get candy out of the bowl, and hand it out.