Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beach Trip

I am ready!!!

Ice Cream at Dairy Dream

Build A Bear

It makes me sad to write this blog. I took Ella down to the beach earlier in the week. Sassy was down there for a few nights and we decided to join her for a quick trip. It will probably be our last trip for awhile. To watch the news coverage makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. One of our favorite things about living in Mobile is the quick trip to the gulf... Cameron and I went on one of our first trips to the beach and as a child, I looked forward to going to the beach with my family. Some of my favorite memories as a kiddo were at the beach! I know it will never be the same and Ella will miss out on an amazing place. I just pray that the spill is stopped soon. There are so many people around us that this is effecting. Anyway, I am glad that I took her. We had a great time. There weren't many people there at all. It wasn't crowded at the condo and traffic wasn't bad at all. I didn't see or smell any oil. There were some crews on the beach the morning we left. The oil hit the next day and I am glad I wasn't there to see that...

The Watermelon Patch

I am trying to do some really fun things with Ella while I am off for summer. One of those things is Art Class at the Watermelon Patch. Our first week was last week and her favorite part was playing with friends at the end of class. We had Ella's first birthday party here and it really is a ton of fun!

Ella singing the ABC song

Ella has this Elmo doll that she loves so much. He is quite annoying but we keep him around because she adores him. She calls him "Melmo" and these days she tries to sing along with him.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Here are a few pictures from Emmy and Anthony's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. Thanks to Pops, Jeje, and Sassy for coming down and keeping up with Ella... she had a blast at the wedding. I will post more pics later, but here are a few. Congrats to the the Mr. & Mrs. I will post more pics of the actual wedding later...here are a few from before the wedding!