Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Bed Buddy

I really miss sleeping in the same bed with my husband.... He sleeps upstairs with Emory....Ella and I sleep in our bed (with Bayley and Lua)... It's the only way everyone sleeps all night and no one cries or wakes up unhappy... Some people turn their nose up at the thought of our sleeping arrangements, but hey, it works for us.... And I am a little sad that one of the projects on my to do list this summer is to get both girls in their own beds in their own rooms....
So I'm going to enjoy my beautiful, blonde headed, bed hogging, buddy now.... :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sam's Graduation

Baby brother graduated from Medical School on Sunday... I was a proud big sister. It was a nice weekend celebrating his achievement. The three of us are rarely together. I'd give anything to live closer to my boys... Sam will go to Atlanta for his residency. He has sacrificed so much the last 4 years... The next 5 aren't going to be any easier... Needless to say, we are all so proud of Dr. McBride. :)

15 Months

Well, Emmecat, you're already 15 months old.... This time last year, I was trying to get used to having a wee one again. Now, I'm trying to keep up with you and your spunky little self...
You couldn't be more opposite of Ella. You're going to hear that a lot... Well, maybe you won't, because your mommy is also a second child, and I hated hearing how different Uncle James and I were. I promise to never compare you.
You take what you want, and you don't let anyone or anything stop you... That will be a desirable trait one day. But for now, I just pray you don't hurt anyone (your sister).

We love you to pieces Emmecat, You keep us laughing...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Brunch

Ella's class had a Mother's Day Brunch and my principal was kind enough to let me go to it. She has 5 kids, and she is young, so she understood...I was running late and was the last mom to get there. Ella was so excited to see me and show me all the goodies she had made me. I even got to stay for chapel, which was so sweet.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Bathtime around here each night is pure chaos.... Ella thinks she is too big to take a bath and likes to take showers....with me halfway hanging in the shower and getting soaking wet, it's interesting. Emmecat loves her bathtime. Her favorite thing to so is shake her head no at any question we ask her....even if it's not a question. For instance: Tonight, Cameron and Ella were gone to the school, so it was just me and my little one. We played outside, then walked over to see our neighbor, and then played outside some more. I asked her at least 10 times if she wanted to go in and eat dinner, and of course, she shook her head furiously no each and every time. Me: "Em, are you hungry?" Em: shakes head no Me: "Em, are you thirsty?" Em: shakes head no Me: "Em, do you want to go in and see if Daddy and Ella are home?" Em: shakes head no Me: "Em, do you want to go make a big mess inside?" Em: smiles and shakes her head no Me: "Em, let's go inside and see Bayley and Lua (the pups)" Em: shakes head no Me: "OK, you are about to get mad but mommy needs to cook dinner, so we are going in" Em: falls out crying while shaking head no We came in and I open the pantry to get her something to snack on while I cook. After a bit of fighting, she gave in and ate, then I fed her some real food, and she devoured it. It was from her hair to toes and all over her highchair. As soon as this child eats, it is straight to the tub. Me: "OK Emmecat, let's go take a bath!" Em: starts to squeal and runs (in the cutest waddling way) to the bathroom So in about a 2 hour span, she finally didn't shake her head no This kid loves bath time. It has to be her decision to get out. There is no other way but Emory's way. I think we should all get use to this.....it's been this way for almost 15 months now. But look at this face...... precious, I tell you! :)