Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Friday, July 27, 2012


We had a great time on our vacation this year.... We went over to Destin and it was absolutely beautiful! I was a little worried about Emmecat since she doesn't always do well when she isn't in her own little environment, but she did great! There were moments when the girls were playing in the sand being sweet and Cameron and I would look at each other and say,"Wow, this is relaxing!" That feeling hasn't been felt much since we went from a family of 3 to a family of 4.
The girls had a great time and so did we....We definitely have two little beach bums...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Swamp Ella....or Not

While in Destin, we went to Fudpucker's to eat and see the live alligator show....I asked Ella if she wanted to hold an alligator and get her picture made with it and she was ALL OVER THAT IDEA! I paid the guy and we walked in the little room to have our picture made with Mr. Alligator... I was uneasy and Ella must have picked up on it.... I asked the guy if the tape was securely around the snout... or whatever you call it, and he assured me it was....
Fast forward 10 minutes and this is the picture I paid ten bucks for....and it was worth it... the look on her face is so Ella... Miss Cautious....

Month 17

Emmecat, if you could stop getting so big and grownie, that would be nice. You are still my hysterical little human.... You crack me up, kid! A typical Emory moment....tonight, I was laying with you and Ella, hoping you girls would go to sleep easily. You kept holding up your hand and studying your fingers.... I had no clue what you were up to... Then, you took your thumb and put it in your mouth... You kept doing it over and over again... You were trying to figure out what is so great about this thumb sucking thing is that Ella does...ha! You want to do anything and everything she does. Its really sweet to me and Daddy, but your sister finds it really annoying....

You and Ella have really started playing well together and it's so sweet... At least for 5 minutes until one of you males the other mad.
You still aren't talking much... You have a lot to say, but make funny noises and point instead of words right now. Your pediatrician says it's fine... So, I guess I'll believe her! I remind myself that when you do start talking, it'll never stop, and I think you'll talk a lot and probably be pretty loud, so I'll enjoy it for now.

You also get ahead of yourself when you move....it's like your legs won't keep up with your upper body.... This causes lots of wipeouts...it's pretty funny most of the time.

You also have decided that other people besides mommy are cool too... You have finally realized it's ok not to be permanently attached to my hip... Thank you Jesus! Don't get me wrong, you are still a mama's girl, but you give me a break from time to time...:)

I love you to pieces my baby love, I can't believe you are almost one and a half... Wow...

 "CHEESE" is one of your few words....probably because I have had a camera stuck in your face since you were 2 minutes old


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Happy Place

Right now, I'm sitting on the balcony of a condo in Destin. We went back and forth about what to do for vacation this year... We wanted to go to Tennessee and visit my brother and sister in law, but with Emory being the terrible traveler she is, we finally decided a beach trip was all she could handle (maybe). We got here yesterday afternoon late..... We planed on leaving Mobile around 10 and it was after 2 when we finally got on the road. Day 1 was fun.... Ella was up bright and early ready to go.... After a few hours of swimming in the pool and playing in the sand, we came in and napped, and then went to my favorite place to eat over here, The Red Bar.... We came home and went crab hunting, and now both girls are asleep... It was a good day!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pops turned 60

My Daddy turned the big 6-0 on Friday. I remember when he turned 40 and I thought that was soooooo old.... That I had the oldest dad ever.... Now my husband is 41... So I was wrong about that 40 being old thing.... We threw him a surprise birthday party and if you know my daddy, then you know he is pretty clever and doesn't miss much... I didn't think he suspected anything... And I was right... We got him good! We had a fabulous weekend! Ate a good steak supper on Friday night at Namaw and Granddaddy's.... Party was Saturday afternoon... And here it is Sunday night! Cam is on vacation... We are taking a trip to Destin Tuesday... I'm so excited, but not more than Ella Craker.... She tells us repeatedly that we need to stay at the beach forever and not come home.... That crazy kid... I'm trying not to think about school, but I do realize that summer is winding down.... Boo!


Most of us at Namaw's celebrating the birthday

Uncle James and Aunt Holly
Best Parents ever....

two-thirds of the McBride kids....we missed Sam

Riding the waverunner with James... I was a nervous wreck