Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day of School

Ella is now a big first grader... My heart is a little sad today. She's going to my Alma Mater, Pickens Academy. Last night was open house, and we went and saw Cher classroom. That girl was so excited about school starting, she couldn't go to sleep last night. This morning, she had no problem getting up and dressed this morning. I think going to a small school is going to be great for her! She has the sweetest teacher! There are 5 girls and 10 boys in her class. I think it's going to be a great year! I can hardly wait for her to get home and fill me in on her day! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Six Months Old

Baby Love is already 1/2 a year old.... Is this really possible? Libby, you couldn't be a sweeter baby. You love to cuddle! You've started the "I want mommy and if she leaves my sight, I will flip out" stage. I love you too little love, but I can't permanently attach you to my hip. You only like green beans and squash and will lock your lips and turn your head when trying anything else. This teething thing is for the birds. You've got the tip of one coming through and your gums are swollen and I'm pretty sure there's another ready to break through.... I just wish it would come on, already! You are a little roller now... And also inching like an inchworm. I'm not ready for you to start crawling, but you are getting ready! You've also started sitting up this month. You get excited and fall over, but you are getting the hang of it! 
Things you love:
1. Your big sisters... You laugh hysterically at them when they dance around you like monkeys.
2. Dogs... They are so interesting!
3. Mommy (read above)
4. Your grandparents....especially Jeje.. 
5. Going outside and swinging

I wish I could bottle your sweetness up. You've come so far in 6 months. I thank God for you everyday! You are truly a blessing to all around you!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Six Years Old

Ella Craker is SIX! I can't believe my first born is already 6 and about to start 1st Grade. Ella has always been my little sidekick. Last week, the two of us went shopping for school supplies and some school clothes. It's nice to have one on one time with each of my girls, but it dawned on me during our shopping trip that we are doing a pretty good job raising Ella.... I know that might sound a little conceited, but we really are.... Ella is a sweet, kind, unselfish, and acting little girl. Her heart is huge, and even though she has her typical 5 year old moments, she is an amazing kiddo! I can't believe 6 years ago, after an awful labor and delivery, I'll spare the details, I held this sweet baby girl in my arms. Ella made me a mom.... I'm so thankful that God chose me to be her mom. I couldn't ask for a better big sister to Emory and Libby. For her birthday, we took two of her friend SS and went to Tuscaloosa and got manicures and pedicures. Then we went and are lunch at one of her favorite places. For dinner, my parents and grandparents came over and Cam grilled steaks. Ella was born on my granddaddy's 75th birthday. I always am so thankful on Ella's birthday.....one of the many reasons is because we still have my granddaddy with us. His health has declined in the past few years but he's still kicking it and there's nothing he loves more than being with his family. 

One tired 6 year old