Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Girls

My friend Melissa came this weekend and took some pictures of the girls....here are just a few. They are so sweet and I am going to look at these pictures in a few years when the girls are fussing and fighting. I will probably pull them out and show them how sweet they once were. Maybe they will still be sweet when they are 5 and 7....or 12 and 14....I can only hope...
My sweet babies
Sweet Emory

This was right before Ella flipped her out of her arms and onto the bed....
This makes my heart so happy and full

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Emory Update

I don't have time to write much, but, Emory is doing great! We got home Sunday afternoon and were so happy to get home! I missed Ella so much while we were at the hospital, but she was in good hands with Jeje and Pops. Jeje and Pops left Monday morning and Mimi (Cam's mom) came Wednesday. We are blessed to have help and good friends that have brought dinner over. I don't know how I am going to lose this weight with all the good food we have in the fridge and freezer!
Emory is a good baby! She sleeps and eats and rarely fusses, and I hope she stays this way. She has been getting up twice between 10 and 7 so I can not complain. Ella has been a great helper and she loves her little sister oh so much! She sometimes wants to help too much, but that is ok! I think we are adjusting well as a family of four.
Off to make some bottles....
Here are a few more pictures....more to come later!
Being a helper
She was yawning, not crying

Sweet Emory

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emory is Here....

Thursday, February 17th, started out as a normal day. Since I had already started my maternity leave, I got out of the house that morning, ran some errands, tried to take my mind of being so miserable, etc. I had to go to the Dr. for my weekly visit and I hadn't made much progress since last week so she told me to go home and she would see my next week. We were scheduled to have an induction on February 25th. I went with some girlfriends to have dinner and some laughs while Ella went to Volleyball practice with her daddy. I picked her up from practice around 7, headed home and gave her a bath, and we went to bed around 10.....
Fast forward 2 hours later....
I woke up and was having back to back contractions....I didn't want to wake Cameron up so I just kept pacing around the house....this couldn't be happening....no way...I knew they would eventually stop....but no, they didn't! I woke up Cam at 1 and he knew that this was the real deal. We called the Dr. and she said head to the hospital, so we did. Emmy met us at the hospital and got Ella and they immediately took me to labor and delivery. Cam called mom and told her to be on standby and we were hooked up. The nurses said they felt like it was time since I was making progress and the contractions were regular. They gave me some pain meds and some meds to help my nausea...
Fast Forward 3 hours.....
I woke up and they told me this was it and the Dr. would be in soon....they were changing shifts and in walked my most favorite nurse ever, Anita, she was my nurse when I had Ella, and I adore her.
My Dr. came in around 8 and broke my water, and she was born at 10:33. I will spare you the details, but it was fast! Nurse Anita was even surprised....as Emory was being born, Jeje and Pops got here and Jeje ran into the room just in time to see Emory make her grand entrance into this world.
Emory Catherine Craker was 8 pounds, 8 ounces, and 21 inches long. She has a head full of dark hair, all that heartburn was definitely worth it! She does look much like Ella did when she was born. I will write more later but this is the rundown.
Ella loves her and I love seeing Ella interact with her. I have taken a million pictures but here are a few for you to see for now. I am one deliriously happy mommy.
Minutes old..
Sweet Emory
My family is now complete...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's day! What a beautiful day in South Alabama.... I am officially on maternity leave now so I stayed at home. Ella went to school for the day. I actually got to go to her Vday party at school. She was so excited when I got there. When we got home, she had mail for the 3rd day in a row...Sassy sent her a card on Friday, Namaw did on Saturday, and today there was a singing card in the mail from Jeje and Pops! She LOVED it....I finally had to take it from her.
We sat outside for most of the afternoon because it was so beautiful!
Cameron took us out to eat for dinner so I didn't have to cook or clean a kitchen....so all in all, I would say that today was a great day.
I love my two (almost three) Valentines.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No More Working for Mommy

Well today I was in a meeting at school and started feeling very bad, very quickly....I knew something was off and so did all the other teachers in the meeting. I love my grade level....they are the best! Anywho....one of the other teachers looked at me and said,"Are you ok Sara? You look like something is wrong." Of course, I said,"No, I am fine." Well to make a long story short, 2 minutes later I was sitting in the nurse's office getting my blood pressure checked. It was 155/102. I called my Dr. and they told me to come in. A coworker drove me and after a few tests and getting checked out, we decided that Friday should be my last day. I am retaining fluid more than normal and my blood pressure has steadily crept up....it's the same story as when I developed preeclampsia with Ella. My Doc said that she can't say that I am developing it, but she can't be sure I am not.....So, I have three days of work left and then I am off until August...I am very blessed to be able to stay at home with the girls until school starts back next year. The plan is still for her to be induced on February 25th.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two and a Half

So today I glanced at the calendar and realized it was the 6th of February. Well, that doesn't mean a lot to many people, but it does to me. I remember February 6, 2009, and what a milestone it was for us because Ella was 6 months old. Half of a year....it seemed like such a huge accomplishment for us! Well, here we are 2 years later and Ella is 2 1/2.
6 month Ella-February 2009
1 year Ella- August 2009

1 1/2- February 2010
2 year old Ella- August 2010
This is what 2 1/2 looks like....where has my chunky, bald, round faced baby gone?

Ella is so much fun these days...I know I have said that many times as I blog, BUT, she is! It's funny how now we have conversations about school, what she wants to do, her baby sister, the rain, her family that doesn't live in Mobile, Dora, the dogs, what she wants to eat, and the list goes on and on. She is as girly as can be and as sweet as can be.....even at 2 1/2. The "Terrible Twos" haven't been too hard on us....I hear "Threes" are worse, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.