Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm aware that most of the pics on the blog lately have part of the picture cut out. It's making me crazy. I haven't figured out how to fix it using the blogger app on my iPad. Maybe I'll figure it out one day. :)

Sweet Girls

I've really been slacking when it comes to taking pictures. Now I know why there are so many pictures of James and not so many of me. Ella has about 10 albums of pictures in perfect order. They start with pregnant pics month by month and most recent ends with Christmas 2010. Emory has one album so far... It has pictures from the day she was born to maybe a month old? I've got to do better!!! Here are a few recent pictures of my babies.

Had to end with this look that I am getting more than I'd like lately

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Since Father's Day is Sunday I thought I would blog about the most important men in my life, my daddy and my husband. I would include my brothers because they are too, but since they aren't dads yet, I'll wait!
My dad is by far, the best man I know. He is honest, and he's never given me bad advice on anything. I adore him, always have, and always will. Seeing him with my girls now makes me smile. He becomes this mushy, goofy man when he is with Ella and Emory. The night Ella was born I saw a different side of him, and he is still showing that side every time he is around my girls. I know that my girls are so blessed to have a granddaddy like him.

First time he saw Emory

Pops and Emmecat

Cameron is such an amazing daddy. I always knew he would be, and that is one of the many reasons I married him :) he works hard, doesn't ask for much, and helps with the girls more than most dads I know. He loves his girls so much, they definitely have him wrapped around their little fingers!

Cameron and Emory right after she was born

Happy 4 Months

I really think that with the second child, time goes by even faster! Who knew that could be possible? Emory, you have a very silly personality and when you're not happy, you let everyone know it. You love to be talked to and you coo back and make some hilarious expressions. I think you really believe that I know exactly what you are talking about! You're a funny kid, Emory Craker!
It was about this time last year that Daddy and I got the biggest surprise of our lives! We were shocked, scared, but over the moon when we found out you were going to make us a family of four! Now that you are here, we can't imagine life without our little spitfire!
My favorite things about you this month:
You laugh out loud at anything...it could be a light coming on, the channel changing, a dog barking, something being thrown across the room by your sister, anything at all...it's hilarious and it makes mommy laugh out loud too!
You are rolling over when you want to, it's from tummy to back, and you don't have it mastered yet, but you are going to soon enough.
You like to "help" when I am feeding you. You try really hard and it makes a huge mess, but thanks for the help little one!
Your sweet sweet smile that I can't get enough of.
You sleep all night....praise the Lord! Even if you get up at 5 or 6, I'm still counting that as sleeping all night!
When anyone hold you up and starts talking to you, you put your head down in a shy little way and smile...it is ADORABLE!

Things I wish you would work on:
Spitting up.....although it is so much better, we change clothes a lot....
Your car seat....baby girl, unless you want to stay at home and never go anywhere, you are going to have to learn to like it. Screaming hysterically from the time you get in it until the time you get out is unacceptable... :) the funny thing is, that if you can see mommy or daddy, you are usually content. I am seriously thinking about getting a cut out of my face and sticking it back there with you.

We love you sweet girl!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Craker Four

It's still hard for me to believe that Emory is here. She will be four months old this week and time is flying by. I wish I could slow time down. When Ella was an infant, I took a million pictures of her and of the three of us. Now, we are never all ready for pictures at any given moment. Before church on Sunday, since I had Jeje here to take pictures, we snapped a few. I'm so in love with my family. I love that Ella is such a good big sister and she adores Emory. When Ella naps she always gets up and runs right to Emory and tells her how much she missed her. Ella is so much fun, even with the occasional fits. Everyone says that it should be terrible three's instead of two's. Two hasn't treated us bad, so I am ready for the three's. I love that Emory is such a happy baby 95% of the time and she smiles for no reason at all. Sometimes she smiles because she hears the phone ring, or Ella singing, or the light switch on, or one of the dogs walk by. I didn't think anyone could be a sillier baby that Ella, but I might be wrong! I love that Cameron is such a wonderful daddy and husband. He is so hands on and always helps me out, even after working hard all day and then coaching some nights. I couldn't ask for a more perfect husband, daddy, and best friend. I am so blessed.

Most pictures I take turn out like this

But look at this sweetness...

I love this face

I am one happy mommy

Emory's Baptism

On Sunday, Emory was baptized at church. It was very special for us. Jeje, Pops, Sassy, Namaw, Granddaddy, and Aunt Jeanne all came and many of our close friends came too! We went out to eat afterwards. Emory is one loved little girl, that's for sure!

Pastor Jeff and Emory

My heart...at least half of it

Emory refused to look at the camera

Jeje and Ella

Emory, Anthony, and Baby Emory

Someone was getting sleepy!

Namaw and Emmecat

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ballerina Ella

Ella started a ballet/tumbling class this week. We went to get her dance attire last week and she was so excited. She insisted on a pink leotard, pink tights, pink skirt, and of course her pink shoes. I talked her out of getting the pink skirt and into getting a black one. She is such a girly girl. I wonder if she will ever grow out of it? I've never been much of a girly girl but she definitely is! When the instructor called the girls back, Ella was first in line. It didn't bother her that there was a possibility I might leave her. The other moms were fretting and acting like they were never going to get to see their little girls again. We all sat in the lobby of the dance studio for 45 minutes waiting for out little ballerinas to finish up. Ella came out with the biggest smile on her face. She told me she couldn't wait to go back to see her dancing friends. She is possibly the cutest kid ever. I love her so!