Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall is here...

Since I've been slacking when it comes to my blog, I'm going to wrap all the Craker news in up in one post. Things have been so busy here and I don't know where time is going. Since we moved, things have been so busy! I feel busier now that I'm not working than I did when I was teaching. I am LOVING being at home with my girls. 
Ella is doing fantastic at her new school. She made all A's for 1st quarter and was chosen for 1st grade Student of the Quarter. She's also taking a gymnastics/dance class in Tuscaloosa on Wednesdays and loving it! This girl is reading like a champ and it makes the teacher in me so excited! 

Emory is loving the cooler weather and spending lots of time outside! I've been trying to work with her to get her ready for K4 next year and she isn't interested at all! This drives the teacher in me crazy! 
I guess I'll keep trying.... She is hard headed and when she decides she is ready to learn all of her letters and numbers, I guess she will! 

Libby is growing too fast. She definitely isn't a baby anymore and it's making this mommy so sad. I always thought that Emory was going to be my wild child, but Libby could be. She has finally started sleeping through the night again, and it is so nice. Libby is a mama's girl for sure... Separation anxiety is in full swing around the Craker House. I know this too, shall pass.... I know that we have our hands full with these girls, but I also know that we are blessed more than we deserve.