Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ella and Roseola

Ok so as bad as these pics look, if you could have only seen her in person... Ella and I went up to Aliceville during my Spring Break and she seemed a little cranky towards the end of our trip. Well we came back on Friday and on Saturday morning she seemed to be REALLY fussy....which is not Ella's style at all. I decided to take her to the doctor just to get checked out....I am so glad I did! We saw a dr. that I had never seen before because Ella's Pediatrician wasn't working that day. As she looked in her left ear she asked,"Has she ever had a problem with her ears?" I said,"No, not at all! She has always had perfectly good ears!" Then she looked in her right ear and said, "Here is the problem!" So I guess I jinxed Ella's run of no ear infections. She gave her some meds and said it should clear it up! So Wednesday Reise called me at school and told me that Ella had a fever...I was worried that maybe the antibiotics weren't working so we went to Dr. and he said it was something viral....no big deal at all! Gigi came so I wouldn't have to miss work. Around noon on Thursday she called me at work and said her fever was above 104 and so I called the Dr. and once again, we went back! They did lots of tests and we came to the conclusion that she had probably had the flu.....but was on the tail end of it....I was upset....How could I have not known she had the flu?????? So we kept giving her motrin to keep her fever down and Saturday morning I went upstairs to get her out of bed and when I walked in her room and looked in her crib there was this little spotted baby laying in the bed.... so to make a long story short...she had Roseola! I would like to think that I have read everything there is about sick babies but obviously not, I had never heard of this! Apparently it is very common, much like Chicken Pox! Baby runs a really high fever for a few days and when the fever breaks they break out in a terrible rash....it's terrible alright....see the pics....

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