Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Thursday, June 11, 2009

10 months old


I am a silly girl!

I love my thumb!

The Craker Trio

Our sweet baby is now over 10 months old. Where has time gone? Ella is still such a happy little girl, even though we have our moments at times. She has decided that baby food is for BABIES and she will no longer have anything to do with it! Her favorite food of all time is Goldfish. I am pretty sure she would have Goldfish every meal if I let her! She also finally decided that the sippy cup with juice isn't such a bad idea after all. I am glad because I was getting worried that she would never give up the bottle! She is thinking about walking but realizes she can get wherever she needs to by crawling. She can crawl faster than I can walk! She has also become an expert stair climber. She can make it up our stairs in about 45 seconds....she laughs the whole time. If the baby gate isn't up she takes off up the stairs! (with one of us right behind her) I am so excited that summer is here and I get to be with her all day everyday! Cameron was just hired by Hewlett Packard and he will be working from home again so he gets to be here with us too! However, we will not be going in his office and bothering him! :) Here are a few recent pics!

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