Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where has Summer gone?

See all my curls?

Getting so tall!

This summer has gone by way too fast! The last day of school I remember thinking how this was going to be the best summer ever and how I would have so much time with Ella....well I was wrong...it has FLOWN by! However it has been a great summer for many reasons:

1. I am not a gigantic pregnant woman that is so swollen I look like I am about to bust.
2. Cameron is home for good and we are getting to be a family that is together day in and day out.
3. Ella Craker is full of life and makes us smile every minute of the day.
4. Uncle James is almost home now...for good we hope!

We have been so busy this summer between trips to Aliceville and trips to the beach. Ella isn't quite walking yet but I have a feeling it won't be long. She is starting to say more and more and surprises us daily. It is amazing how smart babies are. A few nights ago I made a pizza for Cam and I to eat and Ella got a hot dog and carrots. Well.....Ella didn't like this one bit! She kept reaching for my pizza and I gave in and cut her a bite and blew it before I gave it to her because it was so hot! Well, ECC decided it would be a good idea to blow each piece I put on her tray. She is still doing it when she eats. Ella Craker is a funny kid...she keeps us in tears from laughing. She also had her 2nd eye surgery a few weeks ago. Dr. Terry put a tube through her tearducts and it runs into her nose. It will stay in until September 14 and then he will take it out. This should correct all her tearduct problems. I haven't had my "good" camera because Best Buy had it and was fixing it. Ella and I are taking our first ride on a plane next week. I am a little nervous because Daddy won't be with us. We are going to North Carolina to see Uncle James come home from Afghanistan. We couldn't be more excited.

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