Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nine Months of Sweetness

I feel like I just wrote the last monthly blog for you Emmecat. Your personality just keeps getting bigger and bigger!
Things I love about you:
1. Your crooked smile
2. The way you put your head down like you are ashamed when someone talks to you
3. The way you swat at any and everything... I still say you are going to be our volleyball star!
4. You look like a little Komodo Dragon when you skedaddle off so fast.
5. You crack yourself up, and that cracks us up.
6. You have a mind of your own, even at 9 months.
7. Your big, beautiful, bright blue eyes.
8. Your facial expressions... They are hysterical.
9. You have a voice and you aren't afraid to use it....
10. As much as I want to dislike the fact that you think you should be permanently attached to my hip, I secretly love it.... You love your mommy and your mommy loves you!
11. The way you light up when you see your daddy. It's the sweetest thing...

Now, if we could work on sleeping all night, that would make us very happy... You only get up once a night, but we are tired, baby girl....

I love you to the moon and back..
Happy 3/4 of a Year!

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