Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pops turned 60

My Daddy turned the big 6-0 on Friday. I remember when he turned 40 and I thought that was soooooo old.... That I had the oldest dad ever.... Now my husband is 41... So I was wrong about that 40 being old thing.... We threw him a surprise birthday party and if you know my daddy, then you know he is pretty clever and doesn't miss much... I didn't think he suspected anything... And I was right... We got him good! We had a fabulous weekend! Ate a good steak supper on Friday night at Namaw and Granddaddy's.... Party was Saturday afternoon... And here it is Sunday night! Cam is on vacation... We are taking a trip to Destin Tuesday... I'm so excited, but not more than Ella Craker.... She tells us repeatedly that we need to stay at the beach forever and not come home.... That crazy kid... I'm trying not to think about school, but I do realize that summer is winding down.... Boo!


Most of us at Namaw's celebrating the birthday

Uncle James and Aunt Holly
Best Parents ever....

two-thirds of the McBride kids....we missed Sam

Riding the waverunner with James... I was a nervous wreck


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