Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Friday, February 22, 2013

Emmecat Turns Two

Well, my baby love has turned two... It's so hard for me to believe! It seems like we just found out the big surprise! Ella was going to be a big sister, and we were shocked but full of joy... after an easy pregnancy and delivery, Emory entered this world kicking and screaming! She hasn't stopped yet! Emory is a little character... She is so full of personality. Emory's motto is, "My way or no way!" She has started talking and I know that things will never be the same. Emory seems so grownie for 2... She is bossy and fusses at anyone not doing what she would like them to do...
She has really started talking.... Her favorite word is,"No!"Her second favorite word is,"Yah!" I never thought our family was "incomplete" before Emory, but it's amazing how Em made us feel so complete...
I love having my two girls... They play together, adore each other, and make my heart so full.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my mini me.
I love you so...

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