Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Monday, September 8, 2014

Month Seven

Well another month has flown by and you're doing all kinds of new things.... The biggest thing is crawling... It's still slow, but you've got it down! This completely stresses me out. It occurred to me that I'll never have a child again that I can leave and run to the bathroom and know when I return you'll be in the same place. Your favorite thing to do is torment Emory by going after her barbies and princess castle. Karma is a funny thing.... When Emory was a crawling babe, Ella would give her anything she wanted...but not Emory. It's a hard lesson that she's having to learn. You've also got two teeth on the bottom. It's a good thing they finally came through, because I was on the verge of sending you back. You are such a happy baby. Always smiling, always laughing.... You still like to be on my hip.... ALL THE TIME. 
You've decided that bananas are ok.... It's a big deal since now you eat four things instead of three. I'm really enjoying being at home with you everyday.... Even when you don't nap.... And want to be held all day. We are working hard on getting you on a better schedule..... This would be good for us all! You could help out by starting with sleeping all night. I still can't believe how far you've come! You blow my mind everyday! We love you to pieces sweet girl! 
New car seat! 

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