Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Libby Lately

Well, I blogged about baby girl for 7 months and then apparently got busy.... Probably because Libby has become our wild one... There's never a minute Libby isn't getting into something... 
You're one now... ONE... How did that happen? Time really needs to slow down. I loved having a baby, but I feel like life is getting a tiny bit easier now that you're a little more predictable. You're not walking yet, but close... I don't push the issue. You try your best to keep up with the big girls... You want to be where they are doing what they are doing. Everyone adores you.... You are definitely filling your position as the baby well. You still hate the car, but you're getting a bit better at being a little rider. Last week, Jeje and I took you and Emory to Tuscaloosa. There was no crying or screaming.... We ran errands, did a little shopping, and ate lunch. It was nice. You are loved so much... You make your mommy's heart so full... 

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