Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet Sisters

Even though Ella is having her moments...see last blog entry, she is still the sweetest big sister. She has never been ugly to Emory, and yes, I know those times will come. Last week I was cutting Emory's nails and cut one too short and her finger bled some. Ella was so upset with me. Emory wasn't crying or anything but Ella was quick to let me know that I really messed up. When we found out that we were having another girl, I was so excited that Ella was going to have a sister. James, Sam, and I are as close as can be now, but I remember growing up James would buddy up with Sam and they would turn on me.... :) we could fuss and fight with each other but no one dare mess with one of us without the other two quickly coming to the rescue! I always would wish I had a sister so I could have a partner in crime. I have a feeling these two will be the best of friends. Ella will tell you that Emory is her best friend. They melt my heart!

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