Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas in PIckens County

 Christmas at Jeje and Pops was great minus the fact that we had to take Emmecat to the ER the first night we were there... I just knew that she had the flu.... Her temp was over 104 and she was pitiful! Turns out, she just had a nasty upper respiratory infection.. They gave her a steroid shot and some meds... She didn't eat for 3 days... She loves to eat, so I knew she was sick... We celebrated being together the whole weekend! James and Holly were home and Dr. Sam was too! There's never a dull moment when all 9 of us are there.... It's crazy to think how our family of 5 has grown!

My Sick Baby in the ER
 Helping Pops

We love Aunt Holly


 I guess she can cry and pout now that Santa had already come

 Ella can make James do anything she wants...

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