Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Since Father's Day is Sunday I thought I would blog about the most important men in my life, my daddy and my husband. I would include my brothers because they are too, but since they aren't dads yet, I'll wait!
My dad is by far, the best man I know. He is honest, and he's never given me bad advice on anything. I adore him, always have, and always will. Seeing him with my girls now makes me smile. He becomes this mushy, goofy man when he is with Ella and Emory. The night Ella was born I saw a different side of him, and he is still showing that side every time he is around my girls. I know that my girls are so blessed to have a granddaddy like him.

First time he saw Emory

Pops and Emmecat

Cameron is such an amazing daddy. I always knew he would be, and that is one of the many reasons I married him :) he works hard, doesn't ask for much, and helps with the girls more than most dads I know. He loves his girls so much, they definitely have him wrapped around their little fingers!

Cameron and Emory right after she was born

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