Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Even at 31, my daddy still hung the moon in my eyes.... I adore this man.... I am glad that I am the only daughter he has, because I wouldn't want to have to share him with anyone. :)

My sweet husband amazes me more and more everyday. I knew he would be a good dad, but wow, he still surprises me... My girls are so lucky to have him as their daddy! He works so hard to make sure his girls (all three) have what they need (and want).

My granddaddy....he is a hardworking man and has worked his whole life to provide for his family....Ella was born on his 75th birthday. I am blessed to still have him in my life. We all love Granddaddy oh so much!

This is a picture of my Paw-paw.... He passed away when I was 6, but I still have memories of him. The one thing I remember more than anything, is him taking me by the only foodmart in Carrollton, buying me a mello yello and some Reese Cups, and riding to the farm standing beside him in this old truck he drove.... Just me and him... I hope I always remember that. I love hearing people tell stories of him.... he was the Sheriff of Pickens County for 24 years, so there are a lot of stories... :)

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