Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Strong Willed Child

Adjusting to our summer schedule has been a bit of a challenge. The girls are to Mom's Day Out on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I've been spending most of our day, trying to get the girls on a schedule and picking up toys. I am a bit OCD when it comes to things and where they belong....if you know me well, then you know this...  Each day, I try to do something crafty, something educational, something outside, and something Ella wants to do.. All while staying sane.. I'm much better at managing 4th graders than my own children. There, I said it..... After 2 weeks of summer, and I've decided that there's no way to keep my house spotless with all the toys picked up.. We try to have Big E pick her things up nightly and put them away.. She does great most of the time.

Then there's Little E..... She is a force to be reckoned with... I knew the moment she was born, she was different.... Mostly, because she was screaming the second she was born... She is as cute as a button and has a huge personality. She takes things from Ella, and then laughs... While Ella cries... She torments the dogs... They actually run from her, as they should..

Yesterday was Father's Day. I envisioned a relaxing and fun day..... I won't go into details, but it was far from that... Emory didn't nap.... downright refused to... So take her spunky personality and add in a whole lot of crankyness... Last night, after we put the girls to bed,  Cameron and I looked at each other and all we could say is, "That was rough... Glad it's over! "

This morning I woke up to a sweet girl... And I promised myself that I would be as patient as I could possibly be and I prayed for a better day.... It wasn't a perfect day,  but it was a good day, so I will take that. I love both of my girls more than anything in this world..... I never thought being a mom would be so hard at times... A few days ago, the status of one of my facebook friends said,"Thank you (insert child's name) for making me feel like a complete failure as a mom today." I have those moments too.... so it is comforting to know that I am not alone....no one ever tells you the challenges of being a mom....My parents gave us this book a few years ago and we put it away because Ella was so easy going.

 Cameron and I have decided it is time to pull it off the shelf.

Bedtime isn't always easy for Emory... But tonight, for the first time ever, Em climbed up on me and laid her little head on me and fell asleep..... I think it was God's way of patting me on the back, and saying, "Good job, Sara, look at this gift asleep on your lap, pure perfection. " Today was a good day..... Look at this sweet face.. :)

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