Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Monday, February 3, 2014

South Alabama Snow 2014

The meteorologists down here love to get excited and forecast snow flurries or wintery weather mix any chance they get. I usually blow them off because they are never right. Well, they were kind of right this time, except the 2-4 inches we were supposed to get moved north of us and we just got lots of sleet and it froze.... It was like a frozen tundra everywhere.... The girls thought it was snow, and I tried to break it to them it wasn't, but they thought I was a big fat liar.... Oh well... Maybe they will trust me one day. :) They were out of school for 3 days. It's almost impossible to keep two girls happy for 72 hours inside. Ella played outside a good bit, but Emory wasn't that impressed. Imagine that. 
Emory's reaction.... typical
Emory decided she would be ok with it for awhile and have fun
Old Bayley didn't know what to think...it makes me sad that his face is as white as the ground.
Emory entertained herself by going through my clothes....
I tried to put Lua's jacket on her...it was pretty snug
Day 3.... I thought it would never go away.... thank goodness it did and this is rare occurrence in South Alabama

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