Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Monday, July 28, 2014


There is no boy I love more than my nephew. He's the closest thing I'll ever have to a boy of my own. I HATE the fact they live so far away. I'm hoping that will change someday soon! When my brother and sister in law told me they were pregnant, I was ecstatic! I couldn't wait to spoil him or her! When I found out a few weeks later that I was expecting, I was so excited that these two babies would grow up together! We have big plans for them! Even though they are just 6 months old, they love each other already. Ella and Emory adore the little man! It's fun to have some blue in our life! 
They came for a visit this weekend and we had a great weekend! I am already counting the days until they come back! 

I love Ella's face in this picture. Priceless! 

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