Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ella

Saturday is your birthday sweetness and since mommy suffers from insomnia, I thought I'd go ahead and blog about this special day. The last three years have gone by way too quickly, you are growing up too fast. If you could slow down, that would be fine with Daddy and me. As much as I loved you the second I saw you for the first time, I can say that it multiplies everyday. You are such a joy to everyone around you. You are strong willed, silly, talkative, sweet when you want to be, and very independent. You want your mommy when you are scared, nervous, or sad, and your daddy when things aren't going your way or you need something. You still suck your thumb and bite your fingernails. You have a pink blanket (plus 2 backups) that you can't live without. You love Dora, Calliou, and anything to do with princesses. I didn't force princesses on you but boy do you love all things girly... You are a great big sister and helper. I have so much fun with you when we are out and about.... You are my little sidekick.

We had no idea how much our lives would change and how wonderful and amazing being your mommy and daddy would be. We adore you Ella Craker! Happy Birthday to you!

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