Our Precious Girls

Our Precious Girls

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Picking My Battles

I never really understood the term "Pick Your Battles" like I do now...of course after teaching 8 years there are times I know a kid is not doing exactly what they should be but I let it go because fussing sometimes does more harm than good....now that Emory is here and Ella has figured out she is here for good, have really began to PICK MY BATTLES....

Sunday aftenoon after Ella woke from her nap she wanted to go outside and play with her bubbles. It was a beautiful day and I told her to go out and I would be out with Emory in a few minutes. When she went out she was fully dressed....and this is what I walked out to. I wanted to fuss at her for stripping down but then I had to laugh...these pics will get some good laughs one day when she is 16 or so and I pull them out to show her boyfriend.

I used to see kids out in public wearing the strangest things and now I know why....We wear princess shoes, tutus, and dress up clothes out...who cares? Most of the time when someone takes a double take at my little trend setter they laugh....and it makes me feel better to know that Ella has brought a smile to someone. Having a 2 year old has definitely made me understand the meaning of "Pick Your Battles"

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